"Welcome to the MAG LD Family"

In 2003, we embarked on the journey to change the status quo of the property industry. Shifting our focus from simply developing spaces for living in, to spaces that promote a better lifestyle, we are now MAG Lifestyle Development. We create spaces for you to build your homes. With innovation and continuous improvement, we promise to surpass your expectations, every single time.

We believe that the future of MAG LD lies beyond brick-and-mortar; instead, it centres on creating unique concepts and new opportunities that proactively improve our customers’ lives. This continues the legacy of Moafaq Al Gaddah, Chairman and Founder of the MAG Group, whose life work has hinged on translating dreams into reality. Now, we are offering our customers not just buildings to live in, but new lifestyles to discover.

This is how we are giving more – by putting our customers at the heart of our strategy and providing the answers to what they need and desire at every stage of their journey. Our new logo, which is inspired by the human eye, captures the intuition, vision, foresight, attention to detail and beauty that we pour into our developments to ensure we deliver on this promise. The cultural significance and profound dimensions of the human eye make it the perfect creative representation of our promise that our customers can expect more.

Our new brand philosophy sends a clear message to our customers: we have a clear vision for our future and we want them to keep an eye on theirs too by putting their trust in us. MAG Lifestyle Development exists for the sole purpose of inspiring them to expect more from us.